Social Media Optimization

We, at ESSENTIAL SERVICES WORLDWIDE LLC, present you our leading SMO Services. Social Media Optimization (SMO), as a process, is undertaken by an organization for the purpose of Being Social instead of Doing Social. SMO is an emergent marketing tool that helps the organization to connect with the public through social media websites such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Used as an intuitive way to create a brand and earn return through social connections, SMO is being taken up by organizations to attract traffic to their websites.
SMO also includes Bookmarking sites, discussion forums and blogs to divert pubic to your website.


Why Social Media Optimization?

  • Increase in public traffic gurranteed to your website.
  • Increased Visibility and complementary rankings in web search engines.
  • Direct communication with public on social networking forums & sites.
  • Makes it possible for you to target potential customer.
  • Allows you to bring Like-Minded People to one place.
  • Supported by Voice Chat, Written Chat, Video Sharing, Blogging, Discussion, Questions & Answers, File Sharing, etc.
  • Helps you create Mass Awareness.
  • A unique way to attract masses towards your offerings.



  • Campaign Strategy Development- plans are laid down to create online brand awareness.
  • Social Handling- enables you to cater to all inquiries individually.
  • User Engagement Management- interaction with potential customers; generally attracting them through discounts, pop-ups, free consultation, surveys, etc.
  • Creation of a Campaign Theme- Allows our customers to target the right audience.
  • Content Creation- makes it more sociable and readable to potential customers.



The SMO Tools used by ESSENTIAL SERVICES WORLDWIDE LLC, a well-known SMO Company, include all the leading social networking sites & forums. Some of the famous tools used are Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Blog Spot, Flickr, Youtube, etc

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